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La Fundación INCYDE es una institución creada en 1999 a iniciativa de las Cámaras de Comercio, dedicada al fomento y a la formación del espíritu emprendedor, a la mejora de la cualificación de los empresarios y a la creación y consolidación de empresas.


ERDF High-Tech Incubators 2014-2020

The INCYDE Foundation is participating in the Smart Growth Operating Programme 2014ES16RFOP001ERDF through the Intermediary Agency of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, with its execution of the High Tech Incubators project to foster innovation and technology transfer to SME’s (micro, small & medium-sized enterprises), which is conceived as an essential instrument for promoting the smart, sustainable and integrating growth that the European Union will be pursuing in coming years.

The High-Tech Incubators Project (IAT’s – Incubadoras de Alta Tecnología) involve an initial creation of 12 infrastructures distributed throughout the national territory, and in accordance with the RIS3’s, which will help to position each region in specific niches or global markets and international value chains. The project encompasses a set of action lines intended to achieve one single aim: to contribute to the development of the productive fabric of the region, by increasing the survival rate for Micro-SMEs, driven by the incorporation of R+D+i in their customary activities.  The incubators will be an essential tool to help Spain position itself within the ranking established by the European Union for the 2020’s.

Given the nature of the Incubators, they can also be conceived of as projects in multiple locations, that have specialized facilities / equipment in different locations that can either be owned by the Beneficiary Institution, or otherwise usable by it through payment of a fee for its use, which can be chosen in the project. The purpose is none other than to make the most of already existing resources and avoid duplication of investment.

 High-Tech Incubators will offer their services to incubated enterprises in 4 phases

The objectives of the project:

  • Incorporation of innovation into the habitual activities of incubated Micro-
  • Creation of knowledge alliances among agents involved in technological and business development.
  • Increase the level of capacity building for innovation in Micro-SMEs, in order to improve their competitiveness.
  • Modernize the productive tissue of regions, and foster the creation of companies with smart, sustainable and integrating growth.
  • Help to uphold horizontal principles of environmental protection and promotion of equal opportunity.

IAT’s are conceived as a project in which infrastructure, equipment, and primarily knowledge and actions of technology transfer to companies are indispensable to achieving the aims in view. In IAT’s, the incubated entity will receive certain value-added services contributed by the various agents engaged in the process and by INCYDE, for a varying period of time (up to 5 years maximum), which will enable them to engage themselves in innovation immersion activities.

To this end, Incubators, in addition to having appropriate and specialized infrastructure and equipment (laboratories, testing rooms, demonstration rooms, etc.), will have a Partner Network that will provide certain scientific and business advisory services, financing instruments, internationalization actions, patent and brand registration and maintenance, software and technological applications, project checking and validation platforms, etc. The INCYDE Foundation,  will also be able to supplement such services, acting as an institution providing management, coordination and technical support for the project.